Hello!  Are you interested in blogging as a livelihood.  Here is a quick and easy guide to help you launch your blog.   Below I will share with you what I have learned while blogging and the best approach to be successful in ten easy steps.
Step 1: Establish your concept, research the topic you are interested in blogging about. Find your keywords and start playing around with names for your blog.
Step 2: Research and understand the photography/image component of your blog.  If you are doing a blog related to lifestyle, DIY, fashion, children, the arts, etc. this will be one of the most important tools in your bag tricks.  You will use images to promote your site, your ideas, and establish your brand.
Step 3: Create a list of 10 names you would like for your Blog.  Then go to BlueHost, GoDaddy, etc. to get your domain. Do not setup your hosting at this time, it is a waste of money and time.
Step 4: Setup your social media accounts, email, and other mediums that you will use to communicate with your tribe, support teams, mentors, advertisers, and technical teams, each name/handle should resemble your blog name, so you are easy to find.  Research the optimum social media tools needed to communicate with your intended audience.
Step 5: Make contact with other bloggers who blog on the same subject your blogging about, establish relationships, comment on posts, get involved in the blogging community, volunteer to be a guest on other bloggers sights.  Write some articles as if you were writing for your own blog and send them to the bloggers you would like to guest post on (include images).  Establish yourself as a subject matter expert, answer questions, share insight, get involved.
Step 6: Plan a media blitz about the launch of your blog.  Talk about the launch with all your new blogging friends.  Develop your Opt-In, e-content free-bees, and other materials that will encourage subscribers.
Step 7: Write the policies for your site.  Write your about page with your story. Develop your media kit.
Step 8: Find a host for your website, Setup your blog.  Don’t Post.  Resist the urge to post.  Write, write, write. Create as much content as you can during this time.  Write the content for your landing pages.  Setup your mail list provider.  Tie all your social media accounts to your blog.
Step 9: Two Weeks before you launch begin your media blitz.  Post on all your social media accounts multiple times the date and time your blog will be available.  Send out ticklers every day multiple times a day about your first article, and possibly your next.
Step 10: Launch your site.  Keep running your media blitz.  Promote your site on all your social media accounts.
When you have completed this list, you have successfully launched your site.  With the media blitz, the relationships you have created, and the reputation you have established you will have a successful launch and good subscriber base.