My name is Sharon Brown (my friends call me Ronni).  I have been a creative person my entire life.  I came from very humble beginnings, and when supplies were not available we used what we had.  Creating is so much a part of who I am I can’t go a day without creating something.

This site is about our creative journey, we encourage you to join in the discussion. We will have many different types of projects and we hope you will be inspired and encouraged to participate.  Please post your projects and offer suggestions.

Two of us create this site myself Sharon (Ronni) and my sister Teresa (T).  We are so excited that you came for a visit. started January of 2015 when we were talking about what our vision for the future looked like.  Knowing that we will have a working retirement, we wanted to create a place to begin that journey.

So I’m 50 years old and I have worked in the information technology (IT) field since 1984 and I need more creativity in my life.  I like IT and I have a knack for it but I really need more creativity.  Where projects speaks to my creative side and energizes me.

While I am not really a goal driven individual (being a type B personality, I just go with the flow) I know I tend to get things done more effectively when I have a goal to work toward.  Even if I meander a bit on the way.  So identifying those long term goals were important and life changing.

I have three big loves in my life.


1.  My sister Teresa (the best person I know).

2012-09-08 11.38.09

2. My pets

  • Riley – Male, Golden Retriever born 3/8/2005, super power – Love.  Riley has a feminine side…If it is fluffy, pink, purple, sparkly, and/or has ruffles he has to have it. Favorite pastime, running…he would run all day if no one was petting him.


  • Malihini (Mali or Mal) – Female, Tri Color Old English Pocket Beagle born 11/13/14, loves to snuggle, extremely food motivated, was born with an extra toe causing both toes to be removed so she has three toes on one foot (velocibeagle), has a crooked tail, and is all about the rules (if you miss a feeding time you are in big trouble).

Mali 2015

  • Rustahini (Rus or Rusty) – Male, Silver Tri Color Old English Pocket Beagle born 11/13/14, very sweet, super power – poo, he likes his poo (don’t ask).


3. Creativity – I have always been one of those people who must create. I am driven to distraction by the ideas that race thru my head and sometimes I just have to make something.

I have worked as an interior decorator, made porcelain dolls professionally and did everything from molding the clay, firing the kiln, sewing costumes, to designing and making the jewelry.  I have made and sold hyper-tufa containers and garden decorations.  I have made and sold clocks, lighting, and furniture made from up-cycled items.  In addition, I have remodeled my home from top to bottom and found a love for tiling. I will try anything at least once.

I make and sell jewelry.  My big passion has always been jewelry. I have been making jewelry since I was 8 years old.  I stared with seed beads and a beading loom.  Today, I do wire wrapping, beading, metalsmithing, and PMCing.  Nothing like a pretty stone to set my creative juices flowing.

My sister and I are house mates and we love to decorate for each holiday. We love Halloween and Christmas, so look for those projects and blogs.

We are so excited to share what we have learned over the years with you.  I hope you will enjoy my projects and ideas, please feel free to leave me a message or contact me.

Ronni Brown
I am Teresa Brown (aka T) a domestic goddess in training.  By day I masquerade as an accountant, precise, and deadline driven, in my spare time I shed the masque and my creative alter ego emerges.  I am passionate about cooking, entertaining, and all things home.  I hope you will enjoy my projects and reach out to me with questions.


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