Sometimes we encounter people that make an impact on our lives.  Since launching our first adult coloring book, we have met many such wonderful people and have enjoyed expanding our network around the world.

Recently, we met one such person, who has touched our hearts and we wanted to share his story and ask for your support.

Meet fellow artist, Daniel Savage.  Daniel is a talented artist who has been working on images for his own adult coloring book for the last year.  He is also a husband to Mary and a father to two children.   Sadly, this year Daniel was also diagnosed with stage four cancer which he has been battling valiantly.  It was a dream of Daniel’s to publish an adult coloring book and it is thanks to a wonderful community of coloring book artists which we are honored to be members of that this dream has now become a reality.

A group of 30+ fellow coloring book authors banded together and formed a group called, Coloring for Daniel, to bring Daniels dream to fruition.  Several artists in the group worked their magic and transformed Daniel’s completed images into a magical adult coloring book called Gnomes.  We encourage you to look at his book  Gnomes: An Adult Coloring Book of Gnomes Throughout and hope you will consider purchasing a copy.


Coloring for Daniel also collaborated to create a tribute project for Daniel.  The project is a collaboration of thirty-two global artists and contains 35 positive, uplifting images that are ready to color.  Each author provided an image for the book and members of the group also did the digital editing and created the cover of the book.  Also, included in the book are several images drawn by Daniel’s ten-year-old daughter, Katie who is already a talented artist.  We were very honored to have our image, Sunrise Swirl, selected as the cover of this wonderful project.  The finished book is called Coloring for Daniel: An Adult Coloring Book for Hope, Strength and HealingClick here to see the book.


We are humbled to see the coloring community coming together to show their support for Daniel and we hope you find it in your hearts to do so too.  100% of profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Daniel Savage and his family. We are delighted and encouraged to see that the book is now #1 new release (best seller) under Individual Artists’ Books category.

We are so honored to have participated in this project and thank you for your consideration.

The CLS Creative Team.