It has been a busy year for us at CLS. We moved from Seattle, Washington to Conway, South Carolina; we purchased a new house; we are setting up an organic garden; converting the garage into our studio, and so much more.

I (Ronni) will be sharing with you our journey to adding our touches to our new home and one acer yard.  This will include home improvement projects, design projects, new products that we will be selling and more ideas for you to enjoy.

Pictures to follow.

Here is a little information about us you may not know.  Teresa and I are sisters.  We have been house mates for the last 16 years.  We currently share our home with two old english pocket beagles (Rusty & Malihini (Mali)), our brother Cary and our mother Vera.  We are both business professionals and work full weeks before plunging into our creative projects.  Teresa (T) is the foodie, I learn so much form her every day.  I have come to love trying new things with my food and I always enjoy her cooking.  She will be providng some yummy recipes and tips for entertaining.

I am the generic crafty person.  I love to draw (still working on coloring book #3), make jewelry, and make stuff out of discarded items.  I love to work with cement and tile, and frankly just about anything.  Gardening is a big favorite for me.  Working on our vegi garden this year.  I will keep you posted as we make progress in unpacking the house and create items for the house to help with organization and making the home ours.

Front of Bradford

Front of Bradford house

Side of Bradford house

Side of Bradford house. The garage will be closed in and double sliding french doors will be added to the studio for deliveries.

Side of Bradford house with the dog house

Side of Bradford house with the dog house. This little building is going to be removed and the chain link fence will go with it.

Back of Bradford house with the garden shed on the left.

Back of Bradford house with the garden shed on the left.