Everyone is creative.  However individuals often let things limit imagination, expressions, emotions therefore hindering ones creativity.


Here are five ways to unleash the creativity you have buried inside.

  1. Start thinking “What If” and stop thinking “I Can’t.”
    Change your mindset to remove negative barriers and start thinking about all the possibilities and potential you hold.  Manifest your own creativity.
  2. Mix up your routine
    Step out of your mundane daily schedule because routines and habits can destroy creativity.  Do things that you have never done before, travel to places unknown and try something new.  Even the smallest change can elicit great creativity.
  3. Let other creatives inspire you
    Creativity is contagious. When searching for creative solutions, you should read or watch biographies of creative people whom you admire, and let their examples influence you or take a class on a technique you always wanted to learn.  Being around other creative people will stimulate your creative side.
  4. Immerse yourself in nature.
    Exposure to natural stimuli creates the ‘soft-fascination’ effect, where the mind able to access an introspective, thoughtful state more easily; this allows the imagination to do its magic.  So take a walk somewhere new each week, plant a garden or take up an outdoor hobby or game.
  5. Daily Meditation
    Calming the mind through a variety of meditative techniques has been known to allow one to recognize their ideas and creative thoughts.  Did you know that coloring can be a form of meditation?