My cousin was recently married and I wanted to give the new couple a special remembrance piece that both the bride and groom could wear.  I decided on a tag impressed with a mint leaf (in the language of flowers mint is warmth, virtue, and remembrance) and I’m putting the wedding date on the back.  He is getting a small dog tag shape and she is getting a slender rectangular shape.

I started out with a couple of mint leaves, some silver clay (I’m using PMC Pro), sterling wire, and silver chains.  I rolled out the clay to the desired thickness (I like them quite thick 5 to 8 cards) and then did a final roll with the leaf laid on top.  Make sure you don’t let the leaf crinkle when you roll it onto the clay.



I then poked a hole a couple of millimeters from the edge centered. I then filed the edges and did a little sanding on the overall surface.  I have a little more cleanup to do and some polishing.  I will be adding a ring to hang the pendant on the chain.  I’m going to patina Michael’s so it is black (top one), I am going to leave Andrea’s bright silver.