I have this fascination with chain and all things woven.  I wanted to create a series of jewelry that feels amazing and moves with you.  These bracelets are woven together with wire and sleeping beauty turquoise round beads.  The bracelets feel so wonderful on your skin…I’m really liking the way this looks and feels.  Now I just have to figure out a clasp that won’t take away from the slinky feel.

Wave bracelet

2014-06-10 22.10.22

How to make this wave bracelet (see supply list below).

Using the 24 gage wire create a loop on one end of the wire then measure 1-1/4 in or a little more if you want some room to work (I make mine a little longer).  Make 9.

Cut the curb chain into ten 5-3/4 inch lengths (count your links to be sure you have the same number for each length of chain).  To start I straighten my chain removing all twists and kinks and lay it out in front of me for the next step in assembly.  Remember the length is not necessarily important.  For this design you have to calculate the number of links in the chain to get the look you want.  My segments are 7 links, 15 links (8 times), 7 links.

Before assembling the bracelet take each bead and make sure it will fit on the 24 gage wire.  I have found that many beads are inconsistent in the size of the hole…to big and it will wobble, too small and it won’t move correctly on the bracelet or won’t even go on the wire.  Set the too big ones aside for another project and ream out the too small ones to fit your wire. The beads should easily fit on the wire and spin but not wobble. Once you have tested/corrected each bead, place your 5mm beads in a small container so it is easy to pick them up one at a time.

Now you are ready to start building your bracelet.  You will assemble one column at a time.  Starting  with column one, pick up one of the wires with a loop and thread it through link 7.  Keep the chain straight.  Add a bead then the next Chain.  Add Another chain then a bead.  Continue this pattern until you get to the last chain.  Note for column one there are two chains between each bead except for the first and last chain (see diagram below).  When you get to the last chain, snug up all the items you threaded onto the wire and then tie off the wire with a loop.  Don’t make it too snug as you want the bracelet to have a little movement.

Jewelry - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Wave Bracelet diagram

Column 2 has only 4 beads.  The pattern is as follows. From the link (don’t count this link) that is threaded through your first wire, count 15 links and thread the first chain in link 15 onto the wire making sure to keep the chain straight. On the second chain count 15 links and then twist the chain 1/2 turn and thread the wire through the 15th link.  Always twist the chain in the same direction.  The twist gives the chain a wave effect.  If you don’t want this effect don’t twist the chain.

You will repeat column one 5 more times alternating with 4 repeats of column 2 ending in a column with 5 beads.

Once you have completed that you are ready to attach your clasp and add some detail.  I used the 28 gage wire and the sleeping beauty turquoise 2mm beads to add an additional element to the bracelet.  On each side of the threaded wire on the bracelet I attached a single bead by looping the wire through the 24 gage wire loop on the ends threading on the bead and then tying off the end.  I added one of theses to each loop in the bracelet and I also used this same technique to attach the clasp to the bracelet.  I Recommend using the 24 gage wire between the bracelet and the clasp for durability.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Chain Bracelet Bead Attachment


  1. Sterling Silver Curb chain 1.5 to 2 mm, 10 lengths 5-3/4 inches long.  My bracelet is 7 inches long finished.
  2. 24 ga sterling wire half hard, 9 lengths 1.5 in long minimum.
  3. 1 sterling clasp that will accommodate 1-1/4 in width for the bracelet and five tie offs.
  4. 28 ga sterling wire, 19 lengths .5 in long (don’t pre cut lengths).
  5. 6mm sleeping beauty turquoise beads, 41 ea.
  6. 2mm sleeping beauty turquoise beads, 28 ea.


  1. Round nose pliers
  2. Wire cutters
  3. Bead Reamer
  4. Bead Tray/Mat

Swag bracelet

I like the draping.  This has a lot of movement.

2014-06-10 22.12.29

Clasps are eluding me today.