Teresa and Ronni Brown, the Creative Life Studio creative team, were recently approached by author Alexis Donkin, to be a featured artist and interviewee in the Intentional Writers series.

The Intentional Writers series features creatives who use words and images to make the world a better place, and while coloring books don’t have many words, excluding the occasional inspirational quote, they do affect the world through their beautiful imagery.

In the interview, Teresa and Ronni share with Alexis the story of their creative journey, what got them into illustrating and why they chose to create Be Inspired Adult Coloring Book for Stress Relief Volume 1.

Alexis starts the article by saying: “In my introduction to meditation post (read it here) I listed a number of forms meditation can take. There are many ways to meditate for all kinds of benefits from stress relief to increased mental acuity, to greater compassion. Meditation doesn’t have to involve sitting on a pillow and chanting (unless you want it to!). I’ve meditated through dance, making Christmas cards, and even cleaning my bathroom!

 Today I’m pleased to share another path to meditation for mental and emotional wellness through coloring! Sharon and Teresa are two creative sisters who published an adult coloring book. If you’re at all familiar with the adult coloring book craze – you know there’s a reason they’re so popular! Coloring is scientifically proven to have all kinds of benefits (which isn’t surprising considering it’s a meditative practice!).”

Click here to read the full article and get to know a little more about Teresa and Ronni Brown, who make up the CLS creative team.