Coloring For Daniel

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This book is a compilation of images from 32 coloring book authors.  This book was a joint effort to create an Adult Coloring Book for Hope, Strength and Healing.  The book Includes:

  • 35 coloring pages by 32 artists who have come together to honor a fellow artist and to make a difference in the life of his family
  • Each coloring page is printed on a separate sheet to avoid bleed through
  • 60 lb bright white paper
  • Hours of coloring pleasure
  • Each coloring page is designed for Fun, Relaxation, and Stress Relief
  • 100% of proceeds donated to the Daniel Savage family

Artist Index

  • Agy Wilson
  • Annyce Turlea
  • Antonina Kalinina
  • Cece Raven
  • Color Me Forum
  • Collette Fergus
  • Creative Life Studios
  • Cristin Frey
  • Genevieve Crabe
  • Hannah D’Agostino
  • Heather Johnsgaard
  • Heidi Berthiaume
  • Julie Thompson
  • Kim A. Flodin
  • Lianne Lynch
  • Ligia Ortega
  • Linda Franklin
  • Margaret Gates Root
  • Maria Wedel
  • Mary-Margaret Marx
  • Olivia Julius Dunggat
  • Pam Vale Branch
  • Paola Minekov
  • Samantha J. Decker
  • Sarah Clark
  • Shelah Dow
  • Steve Turner
  • Sue Chastain
  • Suzy Joyner
  • Teri Sherman
  • TigerLynx
  • Katie Savage


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