Travel Organizers For Your Coloring Pencils


Whether coloring is your hobby or you love to color for stress relief, you have most likely accumulated a lot of coloring supplies. Having your pencils organized in an easy to carry case will ensure you continue your coloring love while on the road. Below are six coloring pencil cases that will keep everything organized and safe while traveling.

Roll Up Bags

Roll up fabric coloring pencil cases are popular. Place your pencils through the loops, roll it up and fasten. A roll up coloring pencil organizer is quick to pack up and easy to travel with.

Damero Canvas Pencil Wrap


Thick quality canvas, pretty prints and easy to roll up. Holds 72 pencils. Click Here.

Cobee Canvas Bag

Handmade Bohemian canvas, easy to roll up and ties. Holds 36 pencils.  Click here.

Niji Roll Pouch

Water resistant, nylon canvas with stretchable slots and snaps. Holds 36 pencils or other art utensils.  Click here.

Zipper Cases

Zipper coloring pencil cases are super sturdy storage options for your coloring pencils. Easy way to safely carry a large amount of pencils with you.

Youshares Large Zipper Case

Multi-layer, standable, zipper case. Holds 120 pencils.  Click here.

ColorIt Zipper Case

Nylon, portable, zipper case. Holds 48 pencils. Click here.

Thorton’s Art Supply Large Zipper Case

Canvas binder, sipped case.  Holds 150 pencils.  Click here.


Traveling doesn’t mean you have to leave your hobbies at home, find the best coloring pencil travel case to keep your tools organized and safe.

If you have any other great colored pencil organization tips, please share them in the comments!  As always, we love to hear from you!

The CLS team.


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