1. Coloring is therapeutic

It can reduce stress and anxiety since your brain enters a meditative state while coloring.

2. Coloring improves your fine motor skills

Coloring requires both hemispheres of your brain; so the activity itself improves your fine motor skills. Similar to crossword puzzles, it is believed that coloring may also delay the onset of dementia.

3. Coloring trains your brain to focus

As you color, your mind is focusing on staying inside the line.

4. Coloring provides you with free decorations and cool gifts to give.

After those stress-free hours of coloring, you have beautiful artwork to use for DIY decor or gifts. Check out these 5 DIY projects using coloring sheets.

5. Coloring can be a social activity

The hobby of coloring is not only a solo activity. Many coloring parties are popping up for a fun event full of coloring, conversation and wine. So as you make your New Year resolutions be sure to add
Start Coloring to your list!
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