Colored Pencil Tips for New Adult Colorists

So you want to use colored pencils

If you are new to adult coloring but want to take your childhood coloring knowledge up a notch, you are probably planning to use colored pencils. Colored pencils are great because they are affordable, simple to use and perfect for taking your hobby on the road. As you begin to perfect your coloring method you will develop a number of techniques. Below are ten tips to help new colorists jump right into the wonderful world of coloring.

10 Newbie Tips for Using Colored Pencils

Try before you buy a full set of professional grade colored pencils.

Sharpen your pencil more than you think it needs to be and sharpen carefully.  Turning the sharpener to aggressively can break the lead inside the pencil.  Remember to keep your sharpener sharp.  A dull sharpener will put a lot of pressure on your lead and cause it to break inside the pencil.

Don’t press too hard, gradually build up to the color you are trying to create.

Layer colors to create a blending effect or new colors.

To avoid tears, use caution not to over saturate the paper surface.

Keep your paper clean by brushing away debris with a makeup or drafting brush.

Use a colorless blender so that you can soften the edges of your colors for a smooth look.

Make a color key of your page to use for reference in case you decide to take a break from your artwork.

When your colored pencils start getting short, try using a pencil extender.

Be sure to have a safe way of storing your colored pencils. Check out this post for some great organizers.

SUGGESTION: We recommend using quality colored pencils like these Prismacolors.


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