Five awesome DIY projects using your adult coloring pages

Adult coloring is a wonderful, stress reducing activity that produces beautiful original artwork. You spend a lot of time creating beautiful colored pages. But what do you do with them? There is no reason just to stack them up for no one to see. So we have searched for some ways to use these completed pages. First, you need to get them out of the coloring book and ready to start a DIY project!

Serving Tray

Now you do not have to keep your artwork to yourself. Show off the hours you have put into your coloring with by creating a serving piece. Modge Podge Rocks gives you step by step instructions for this colorful serving tray. Next time guests stop by wow them with your artwork and your DIY creativity!



You can show off your artwork without all the papers on the refrigerator. Average But Inspired shows you how to add some creative color to your refrigerator with mini blank canvas magnets.


Painted side table

Furniture does not have to be boring. Use your adult coloring sheets with bright colored paint to bring a dull piece of furniture to a bright highlight in the room. Plaid gives you all the supplies and directions needed to bring your adult coloring sheets into your home décor.


Gift Bows

With the holidays fast approaching, you may want to add a personal touch to your gifts. Lines Across shares how to create gift bows from your adult coloring pages. When your loved ones realize that the bows on their gifts are actual coloring pages you created they are sure to not toss them!

Tote Bag

Every colorist and DIYer needs a tote bag.  Cupcakes and Crinoline will show you how to take your favorite coloring sheet and turn it into a cute, creative canvas tote bag using iron-on paper.


These five creative ways to use your adult coloring pages should keep you busy for the month. We would love to see any of your completed coloring page DIY projects! Email us a photo of your finished projects and we will be happy to showcase it on our website and social media.

Happy DIYing!

The CLS Team